Nancy McCarra

Nancy McCarra has had a profound interest in art since childhood, and has pursued that interest with drawing and painting.

Her paintings are filled with the luminosity of light and the brilliance of color. She works from life, en plein air, usually returning to the same painting at the same time and conditions of the day until it is finished, whether she is painting a landscape or a still life set up or a model.

Ms. McCarra’s paintings have been in numerous shows, exhibitions and juried events. She is part of a group of six artists-The Maryland Colorists-brought together by their love of color and the pursuit of excellence in their work. She is a member of the Maryland Society of Portrait Painters, serving as the organization’s treasurer and secretary. She participated as one of the 30 juried artists in Paint Annapolis in 2010. Nancy is featured in the book “100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic” published in 2014.

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