Carole Boggemann Peirson

Carole loves to paint on location to spontaneously capture ‘a moment in time’. Afterwards, she uses these plein-air paintings as inspiration and reference material for larger studio works. In the studio, Carole uses the classic technique of ‘glazing’ (transparent layers of oil paint on top of a monochrome underpainting) which gives luminescence to her paintings of still life, landscapes and flowers.

She studied oil painting with Joe Adams (Adamo), a well known and respected painter in Painter, Virginia, and has taken workshops with Roger Dale Brown, Bethanne Kinsella Cople, Gavin Brooks, Tracey Frugoli, Maggie Siner, Scott Tallman Powers and John Brandon Sills.

Carole sells her work out of her studio, through galleries and at art shows. Carole teaches plein-air (outdoor) painting, and passes on the tradition of the glazing technique through workshops. She occasionally accepts a commission.

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