Abigail McBride

Compelled to chronicle the life and world around her, Abigail Faye McBride paints with the heart of a poet. Her oil paintings and charcoal drawings bear witness to a time, person or passing glimmer of light. From the sun splashed outdoors to rich interiors her interests are broad in scope. Inspired by what she sees, Abigail paints primarily on location.

A consummate Cape School colorist, the draftsmanship in her work is born of an academic interest in the portrait and figure. Her work blends traditional subject matter with modern design sensibilities. She is part of a new breed of perceptual painters working from direct observation be it plein air or in the studio. Though often free of narrative, her work is grounded in the present day as a contemporary interpretation of genre painting.

She paints landscape, figure and still life working interchangeably with brush and palette knife. Collectors, nationally and internationally, appreciate the color, mood and elegance of her work. Abigail grew up surrounded by art and artists. Her gallerist mother presented a world full of creative, industrious artists. Her first art lesson at age 7 was given by her grandmother, Minnesota watercolorist, Frances Karlsson while visiting the family farm. McBride says it is still memorable as the impetus to continue to draw and paint.

Art Studio, Anne Arundel Community College and selected workshops. She is advancing principles of visual understanding acquired from years of study with distinguished painters Cedric & Joanette Egeli, John Ebersberger and figure sculptor Stephen.

Early national recognition by American Artist Magazine helped launch Abigail into gallery representation. She used skills gleaned as one of the founders of the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association and the Paint Annapolis plein air competition to launch Paint the Town, the first plein air event in Chesapeake City MD. Her work is featured in the 100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic large format book by Gary Pendleton, published by Shiffer Press in 2014. Abigail McBride shows her work in fi ne art galleries, institutions and in museum exhibitions.

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